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Golden Anchors

The Golden Anchor Awards
at BALTEXPO 2023

The BALTEXPO 2023 Golden Anchor is an award granted to enterprises and institutions whose project, product, service, activities or achievements in the period of two years from the last edition of the Fair have or may have a significant impact on economic development.

The awards were granted in 5 thematic categories for BALTEXPO 2023 exhibitors and in two special categories: Startup and Personality of the Maritime Economy.

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You can find complete information about the competition, rules for selecting winners and deadlines in the Competition Regulations. To download it, just click on the button below:

Thematic categories for BALTEXPO 2023 expositors

Naval Industry
Applications in these categories could only be submitted by companies - exhibitors of the BALTEXPO 2023 Fair. One company - exhibitor could send a maximum of 3 applications.
Special category:


The BALTEXPO 2023 Golden Anchor in the Startup category was awarded to a selected entity qualified for the Startup Zone by the fair's partner - Infoshare. For the best startupboth the Fair exhibitors and the Competition Jury voted.

You can find more about the Startup Zone on the dedicated website:

Criteria for selecting the winner in the thematic categories and the Startup special category:

  • innovativeness of the project (product/service) in terms of conceptual, design, and technological solutions
  • impact and role of the project for the industry and society (added value),
  • benefits of implementation,
  • the level of the project's impact of impact on the natural environment,
  • project's influence on sustainable development aspects (ESG),
  • reduction of user costs resulting from project implementation,
  • enhancement of competitiveness for the country as the region of Baltic Sea,
  • possession of certificates, approvals, permits, awards.
  • aspects related to occupational health and safety standards.
Special category:

Maritime Economy Personality

The BALTEXPO 2023 Golden Anchor in the Maritime Economy Personality category is an award granted to people whose activities and achievements have an unquestionable impact on economic development. Nominations for this category were submitted only by representatives of the Competition Jury.

Criteria for selecting the winner in the category of Maritime Personality:

  • overall professional activity in the maritime industry,
  • experience, authority, and reputation in the industry,
  • innovativeness of ideas,
  • engagement in social initiatives,
  • effectiveness in building relationships and alliances,
  • impact of professional activities on industry development,
  • national and international activity (e.g., participation as an expert in conferences).

Winners and distinguished Golden Anchors 2023

A distinction in the Shipbuilding Industry category went to the Szczecin Shipyard "Wulkan", and the award was received by Dr. Adam Krzemiński, the company's management board representative for production. Shipbuilding is a difficult and demanding industry whose dynamics depend on many factors, but the current development of offshore wind farms and the offshore energy sector makes the shipbuilding industry a strategic sector for the economy, of which Stocznia Szczecińska Wulkan plans to be a significant link. The main prize, the Golden Anchor, in the Shipbuilding Industry category, was awarded to Stocznia Crist S.A. On behalf of the company, the award was accepted by Mr. Jacek Milewski, member of the management board of Stocznia Crist, financial director. During its over thirty-year history, CRIST has achieved the position of a leading manufacturer of specialized shipbuilding equipment in the segments of hydrotechnical equipment and vessels for the largest global customers.

The distinction in the Offshore category went to Elektryka Morska. The award was received by Mr. Bartłomiej Stępień, president of Elektryka Morska. Elektryka Morska is a stable haven for customers from the maritime industry, offering them comprehensive solutions in the areas of electricity, power engineering and automation systems on vessels. The Golden Anchor in the Offshore category went to the Maritime University of Gdynia. The award was received by the Rector of the Maritime University of Gdynia, prof. Ph.D. engineer captain z.w. Adam Weintrit. Over recent years, the Maritime University of Gdynia has been actively operating in the offshore sector, in particular for the development of offshore wind energy. The university is the first in Poland and the second in the world to offer Executive Offshore Wind MBA postgraduate studies for the offshore energy industry for over three years.

The competition jury decided to award two equal prizes in the Infrastructure category. The Golden Anchor in the Infrastructure category was awarded to the Maritime Office in Gdynia. The award was received by the Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia, Dr. Eng. Capt. Wiesław Piotrzkowski and Anna Stelmaszyk-Świerczyńska - Deputy Director of the Maritime Office for Technical Affairs. Representative of the Director for the implementation of "Modernization of the breakwater system in the Northern Port in Gdańsk". The Maritime Office in Gdynia has been taking care of maritime safety, the Polish coast and access to ports for over a hundred years. Currently, the Maritime Office in Gdynia is implementing the largest hydrotechnical investments in decades, which measurably increase the competitiveness and build the potential of the Polish maritime economy. The Maritime Office in Szczecin also received the Golden Anchor in the Infrastructure category, and the award was received by Wojciech Zdanowicz, Director of the Maritime Office in Szczecin. The modernization of the Świnoujście-Szczecin waterway is undoubtedly a project of strategic importance not only for the ports in Szczecin and Police, increasing their competitiveness and allowing the reception of larger ships, but also economically stimulating the entire region of Western Pomerania.

In the Military category, the Golden Anchor was awarded to Stocznia Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. The award was received by the president of the management board of Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. shipyard. Mr. Dariusz Jaguszewski. The distinction was awarded for the transfer of serial minehunters - ORP Albatros and ORP Mewa - to the Polish Navy. When building ships, Remontowa Shipbuilding cooperated with the Research and Development Center of the Maritime Technology Center and PGZ Stocznia Wojenna. ORP Albatros and ORP Mewa were handed over to the Navy in 2022.

The next category was Innovation, in which the MAPALU company was awarded. The award was received by Mr. Paweł Łuniewski - the owner of MAPALU. Mapalu is a related company

with comprehensive steel processing, focusing on well-thought-out development adapted to the needs of the economy. Determination in creation combined with several years of experience in the shipbuilding industry resulted in the creation of a new version of the rudder blade and thruster.

The special award was the Personality of Maritime Economy category, which was personally presented and read by Mr. Andrzej Bojanowski, president of the Gdańsk International Fair S.A. The Golden Anchor in this category was awarded to Mr. Adam Ruszkowski - President of the Management Board of Remontowa Holding. The award was granted for the successful continuation of the development of the largest Polish shipbuilding group in accordance with the vision of its founders - the late. Piotr Sojka.

In the Startup category, the Golden Anchor was awarded on the 3rd day of BALTEXPO 2023. Honorable mentions went to: Flint Systems and Quantum Cubersecurity Group. The winner of the award was Mobile Monitoring.

Application form

The form below is for submitting companies for the Golden Anchor Award in the categories: Naval Industry, Offshore, Infrastructure, Military and Innovation.

Important information

Applications for the Golden Anchor Award can be submitted by only companies - exhibitors of BALTEXPO 2023.. One company-exhibitor can send a maximum of 3 applications.

Before registering, please read the competition regulations.

Enter the details of the company

Select the category to which the application applies


Justification for submission

The description should include the achievements of the company or institution in the last 2 years, which have an unquestionable impact on economic development. These may include, for example, investments, design solutions, products, services. The application should include information about the company's awards in the last 2 years, a description of sustainability and ESG activities (strategy, reports, certificates, awards).

In the next step there will be an opportunity to attach files.

Remaining characters: 1500


Attachments can be added to the application in the form of, for example:

  • certificates, attestations, approvals or permits for use
  • photographic documentation
  • publications on the product/solution in specialized journals and literature (copy or link)
  • links to multimedia materials

Attachments should not be more than 5MB each. Up to 5 attachments are allowed in one submission.

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